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Wave solutions of Maxwell's equations and Ampere-Maxwell law

An electromagnetic signal is generated by a Hertzian dipole located at a point P, which has the position vector r = ?(100m) ez. The signal is detected by a small wire loop located at the origin. Apart from the dipole and the loop, the nearby space is empty.

Experimentation reveals that the detected signal is induced by a changing magnetic field:
Bphys(t)= B0 sin (2?ft) ex, where B0 =0.1 ?T and f = 30MHz.

Show that the given physical magnetic field at the loop, Bphys(t), is consistent with a monochromatic plane wave solution of Maxwell's equations given by B =iB0 exp[i(kz ? ?t)] ex.

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We solve a problem in electromagnetism involving a Hertzian dipole.