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Expressing a Word problem as a System of Equations and Solving the System

Write a system of equations and then solve the following using matrix inverses.

Consider a company that specializes in gourmet chocolate baked goods-chocolate muffins, cookies and brownies. Each chocolate muffin requires 2 units of chocolate, 3 units of flour and 2 units of sugar. Each chocolate cookie requires 1 unit of chocolate, 1 unit of flour, and 1 unit of sugar. Each chocolate brownie requires 2 units of chocolate, 1 unit of flour and 1.5 units of sugar. Find the numbers of muffins, cookies and brownies that the company can produce with the given amount of raw materials....

a) 550 units of chocolate
525 units of flour
500 units of sugar

b) 800 units of chocolate
750 units of flour
700 units of sugar


a) _____________

b) _____________

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Suppose the number of muffins, cookies and brownies are x, y and z, respecitively.
According to the condition, the total number of units of chocolate is 2x+y+2z because each ...

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