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Power, Voltage and Current

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Household wiring has a 120 V source for nearly all circuits, including your light bulbs. Imagine that you have two separate circuits with two different light bulbs plugged into the wall socket -- a 60 W bulb and a 120 W bulb. Which of the following statements are true about the comparison between these two circuits?

1. the voltage across the 60 W bulb is equal to the 120 W bulb

2. the current flowing through the 120 W bulb is greater

3. the resistance of the 60 W bulb is equal to the 120 W bulb

4. the 120 W bulb will be brighter

5. it will cost the same to run the 60 W bulb for an hour as the 120 W bulb

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The expert examines power, voltage and currents for circuits.

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