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    Physics: Miscellaneous Questions

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    2. A 240V mains supply is used for lighting a room. In the room there are 3 lights, of power rating 30W, 50W and 100W.
    a) Draw a diagram of the circuit.
    b) What is the total voltage, current and power supplied by the mains supply?

    3. A person touches a bare electrical wire at 500V whilst repairing a power supply. A current of 15mA flows through his body.
    a) What is the resistance of his body to the electrical flow?
    b) What will be the effect on the person?

    4. An electrical engineer designs a high-voltage cable to carry voltages up to 10kV. He intends to use a 2mm thick neoprene rubber as the insulator. Is this choice wise? Discuss.

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    2a) Please see the attachment.

    2b) Total voltage supplied by the mains = 240 V

    Total power supplied = 30+50+100 = 180 watts

    Total ...

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    The expert draws a diagram of the circuit and the total voltage, current and power supplied by the mains supply.