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gravitational force of attraction between two spheres

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Two uniform spheres, each with mass M and radius R, touch one another.

a). What is the magnitude of their gravitational force of attraction?

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The distance between the centers of mass of the two spheres is
d = ...

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It determines the gravitational force of attraction between two spheres.

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Force of Mutual Attraction

Consider 2 iron spheres, each with a Diameter of 100mm which are just touching.

a) Compute the force of mutual attraction when the spheres are just touching

b) At what distance ,r, from the center of the earth will the force of mutual attraction between the contacting spheres be equal to the force exerted by the earth on ONE of the spheres.

mass of the earth = 5.976x10^24 kg

Universal Constant of Gravitation = 6.673 x 10^-11 m^3/kg s^2

density of iron = 7210 kg/m^3

radius of the earth = 12742/2 km.

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