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Philosophies of Post WW1 Europe

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Sir Isaac Newton

How does Sir Isaac Newton relate to this statement:

The intellectual climate of post-WWI Europe, the emergence of the philosophies of existentialism and logical positivism based upon the principles of modern humanism.

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Newton on Post WW1 Philosophies

Sir Isaac Newton lived in the 17th century (1642-1727) and he took on a number of intellectual and scientific labors that became central to the Age of Enlightenment as well as established mathematics and physics principles that led to Industrialization. In fact we can credit linear physics to him via his work 'Philosophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica'. But he is also an astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian which points to his natural curiosity about the world and reality he lived in. We can almost say that Newton was a Renaissance man, one actively exploring the world he lived in via systems of knowledge familiar and new to get to know his world better than ever before.

So, how would he relate to post-WW1 philosophies? As a thinker, Newton looked to and proposed that the order of the universe follows the natural law. What is the natural law? 'Lex Naturalis' (Latin) is any system that is determined by nature and thus is universal. It is outside of the creation of man (i.e. governments, religion) but one that is there as part of the order of the world. Therefore, human nature is natural and so are the physical nature of all things in the world and our universe discovered by man via logic. Consider for example the 'discovery' of ...

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The ideas and theories of Sir Isaac Newton in terms of humanism and positivism is related to the new intellectual movements of post World War 1 Europe. Resources are listed. A word version is also attached.

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