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    Calculating binding energy using Excel

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    Calculating binding energy using Excel. See attached file for full problem description.

    Use the SEMF and the coefficients given in the caption to calculate the total binding energies of Ni, Co, Fe, and Mn. Which terms are different in the four cases? Why are they different?

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    How to construct the excel file:

    in the top row write each constant coefficient (av, ac etc) in a separate cell.

    Construct a table with the following columns headers:

    Isotope, A , Z , A^(2/3), Z(Z-1)/A^(1/3), (A-2Z)^2/A, d(A,Z), d(A,Z)/A^(1/2), E, E per nucleon

    Now, fill in ...

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    The solution calculates the total binding energies of nickel, cobalt, iron and magnesium.