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Gas Laws: Partial Pressure

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A 100-L rigid tank contains an ideal gas mixture of 5 g of N2 and 5 g ofCO2 at a specified pressure and temperature. If N2 were separated from the mixture and stored at mixture temperature and pressure, its volume would be:

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According to the law of partial pressure ...

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A mixture of two gases is given. The volume of one of the gas is calculated at same temperature and pressure.

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Consider the flasks diagrammed below. Before opening the stopcock, the flask on the left contains 445 torrs of H2 gas and the flask on the right contains 0.190 atm of N2 gas. What are the final partial pressures of H2 and N2 after the stopcock between the two flasks is opened? (Assume the final volume is 3.00 L.) What is the total pressure (in torr)?

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