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Carnot Heat Engine

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Question: The exhaust temperature of a carnot heat engine is 350 degrees Celsius.What is the intake temperature if the efficiency is 25%?
a) 400
b) 543
c) 558
d) 830

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This solution illustrates how to compute the intake temperature for the following physics-based problem. The necessary equation is given and the work required for solving is shown.

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Carnot Heat Engine and Well-Insulated Piston Cylinder Systems

Problem 1 can only be solved per unit mass- eg work per unit mass, volume per unit mass, since there is not enough info to calculate the system mass.

Instructions: Solve the following problems. Be sure to include a sketch indicating the system and its interactions with the surroundings and state all necessary assumptions. Identify all relationships and provide symbolically before inserting numbers. Identify state models utilized and sources of necessary property data. Submitted should be neat and easy to follow. Sloppy work will not be graded.

1) The working fluid contained in a well-insulated piston cylinder is expanded in a quasi-equilibrium process from 1000oF and 350 [psia] until the temperature is 150oF. Calculate the final pressure and volume and the work done by the system if
a. the working fluid is oxygen and specific heat is constant, and
b. the working fluid is steam

2) The heat addition process of a Carnot heat engine utilizing a piston-cylinder mechanism is executed by vaporizing saturated liquid R134a at 100 [kPa] to saturated vapor.
a. What must be true about the pressure during this process? Why?
b. Calculate the heat added during the process
i. Using the first law.
ii. Using the second law

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