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Nuclear Physics Questions: Alpha particles, binding energy

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1. An alpha particle is fired at a sheet of gold with a kinetic energy of 4.62E-13 joules. Knowing that each gold nucleus has 79 protons, about how close will the alphas come to the nucleus?

2. If the binding-energy-per-nucleon for an alpha particle is 61.0 MeV, what is the total binding energy of the alpha? Give you answer is MeV.

3. Radioactive phorsporous-32 has been used to study bone metabolism and for the treatment of blood diseases. What is the activity of a sample of 12.2x10^16 atoms if it has a half-life of 109 days?

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The binding energy per nucleon for an alpha particle is examined. The radioactive phosphorus-32 for treatment blood diseases are given.

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