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    Magnetic circuit model: A second winding is added

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    The core illustrated in Fig. 13.51(a) is 1 cm thick. All legs are 1 cm wide, except for the right-hand side vertical leg, which is 0.5cm wide. You may neglect nonuniformities in the flux distribution caused by turning corners.

    a) Determine the magnetic circuit model of this device, and label the values of all reluctances in your model.

    b) Determine the inductance of the winding. A second winding is added to the same core, as shown in Fig 13.51(b).

    c) Modify your model of part (a) to include this winding.

    d) The electric equations for this circuit may be written in the form (See attached).

    Use superposition to determine analytical expressions and numerical values for L_11 and L_22.

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    A 3 cm B 3 cm C

    3cm 3cm 3cm

    F 3 cm E 3 cm D
    Area of cross section A1 = (10-2x10-2) m2 Area of cross section A2 = (10-2x0.5x10-2) m2


    Φ1 φ2
    φ R2 R3
    MMF= 10i1

    Fig. shows the magnetic circuit model of the device. In the ...

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