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    EMF in a current-carrying system.

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    A bar is moving across a open-ended loop with resistance R in a presence of a constant perpendicular magnetic field.

    a. At what speed should the bar be moved to produce a current of 0.500 A?
    b. What is the motional emf?
    c. What is the power dissipated by the resistor?
    d. What force must be applied to the bar?

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    • The change in the area of the circuit causes a change in the magnetic flux .
    • The change in the flux creates an induced E.M.F in the circuit.
    • The induced E.M.F generates a current.
    • The direction of the current is such ...

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    The solution demonstrates step by step how to get from changes in the flux to power dissipation in the circuit. The EMF in a current-carrying system are given.