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Understanding capacitors and inductors

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1) If caps block dc what is the purpose of a cap in a dc circuit?

2) What does an inductor do in a dc circuit?

3)What is the point of having a cap to ground in a dc circuit?

4)What is the purpose of a null modem?

5) How do you design a circuit to use caps or inductors in a dc circuit? An ac circuit?

6) What is a biasing cap?

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The capacitors and inductors circuits are analyzed. The purpose of a null modem are given.

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1.In practice, most digital circuits such as microcontroller circuits are designed as direct current (DC) circuits. It turns out that variations in the voltages of these circuits can cause problems. If the voltages swing too much, the circuit may operate incorrectly. For most practical purposes, a voltage that fluctuates is considered an AC component. The function of the bypass capacitor is to dampen the AC, or the noise. Another term used for the bypass capacitor is a filter capacitor.

2. If a DC current is flowing through an inductor, there is no induced voltage. Only the winding ...

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