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    Employee work load

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    Library Assignment

    Many staff in the airline service end feel they are overtaxed while others seem to have little to do. Divide up key airline staffing roles among your small group, choosing one role per person, I chose the mechanics. (Preventive Maintenance)

    Individual Portion

    The individual portion of this project is for each staff representative to write a proposal that would meet the need for service productivity and greater operational success for their specific role. Consider changes or strategies specific to the job in job requirements, training, staffing, and job design. Use the Library for ideas in the airline industry and beyond to consider job significance, job identity, autonomy, staffing, feedback, job rotation, enrichment, employee empowerment, job enlargement. Explain what cautions, methods, or requirements are needed for any proposed changes to meet ethical and legal standards for managing employees.

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    Mechanics (preventive maintenance)

    Job Requirements:
    The candidate must be able to keep aircraft in peak operating condition. He must be able to perform scheduled maintenance for each aircraft, complete inspections independently, troubleshoot problems quickly and make repairs.

    The mechanic should be able to work on each of the different types of planes flown by Going Inc. In the Denver hub a mechanic may be required to specialize in a particular type of aircrafts, however, those mechanics that are placed at hubs, work one almost every type of plane flown by Going Inc.

    The mechanic will be designated as airframe technicians at hubs and will be called avionics technicians at the Denver facility.
    The candidate must possess skills of inspecting valves, pumps, brakes, instruments, landing gear and engines. If there is any need for maintenance or replacement he must be able to perform it quickly. He must be familiar with aircraft monitoring systems including examination of electronic consoles that monitor the basic operations of the aircraft.

    The FAA rules require a minimum of 18 months of work experience for avionics technicians, power plant or airframe certificate. For an A&P certificate at least 30 months of experience working with both engines and airframes is required. Part 146 Aviation Mechanics School can provide adequate maintenance technicians training. Moreover, current experience is required ...

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    This solution gives you proposals for airline mechanics who feel that their work load is not properly distributed.