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    Use of Controls: Feed-Forward, Concurrent, Financial, Clan

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    Examine the positive and negative reactions to the use of the use of these controls:

    feed-forward control
    concurrent control
    financial control
    clan control


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    The Positive and Negative Reactions To The Use Of Controls:

    Feed-forward Control:

    A Feed-forward control is a method of compensating for disturbances on process load before they cause an effect on process load variable. The positive reaction of this type of control is that it is beneficial to process control loops that are critical which often responds slowly to load disturbances. Feed-forward minimizes the duration and magnitude of control errors that would normally occur without this type of control strategy by reducing the effect of the load disturbances (Siemens Energy & Automation, 2006).

    The temperature controller in the feed-forward control can compensate for all and any changes on the load. The detector will always reduce the error to zero by detecting the error and changing the steam flow no matter the cause of changes in the exit temperature. It also prevents problems before they arise; it is future oriented and limits activities in advance (Siemens Energy & Automation, 2006).

    The negative reaction to feedback control is that it is the potential for unstable operation. There is a restriction on the speed at which the temperature controller can compensate for the disturbance by the stability of the control loop. This is because all feedback control loops cycle if tuned to respond too quickly. Another negative reaction is that it is only after the disturbance has occurred that the feedback control is able to detect the load disturbance. The load disturbance will be undetected for some time before the exit temperature begins to change. A new ...

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