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P-V Diagram/Entropy Change

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On the attached file, I need parts c and d from #9. You'll see that I already did parts a and b.

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The expert examines P-V diagrams for entropy change.

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A reversible engine takes in 2000 joules from a reservoir at 400 K; it then gives up Q'1 joules to a reservoir at 300 K and Q1 joules to a reservoir at 200 K, doing 750 joules of work per cycle.
(a) Compute the efficiency and compare with that of a Carnot engine working between 400 K and 200 K.
(b) Find Q'1 and Q1.
(c) Draw the cycle on a p-V diagram.
(d) Find the entropy change per cycle of each reservoir and that of the universe.


(a) The thermal efficiency of the cycle is defined by the formula:
( 1)
Replacing with numerical values, we will get:

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