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    five questions in basic thermodynamics

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    Question 1: The figure below is a plot of Fahrenheit temperature versus Celsius temperature.
    (a) Is the value of the y-intercept found by setting
    1. TF = TC
    2. TC = 0 or
    3. TF = 0?
    (b) Compute the value of the y-intercept.
    (c) What would be the slope and y-intercept if the graph were plotted the opposite way (Celsius versus Fahrenheit)?

    Question 2:If 2.4 m3 of a gas initially at STP is compressed to 1.6 m3 and its temperature raised to 30oC, what is the final pressure?

    Question 3: A driver releases an air bubble of volume 2.0 cm3 from a depth of 15 m below the surface of a lake, where the temperature is 7.0oC. What is the volume of the bubble when it reaches just below the surface of the lake, where the temperature is 20oC?

    Question 4: A steel beam 10m long is installed in a structure at 20oC. What are the beam's changes in length at the temperature extremes of -30oC to 45oC?

    Question 5: A circular steel plate of radius 0.10 m is cooled from 350oC to 20oC. By what percentage does the plate's area decrease?

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