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Divine Personalities and Myths

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I need to write a short paper and am clueless as to where to start.
The question is: Divine Personalities verses material objects, what was God thinking?

The task is:
Identify, then list reasons for a preference for thinking of the stars, moon, and planets as material objects or as divine personalities.

Help please!

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I find this problem fascinating. It asks you to write a short paper which means that you have to write it as a narrative - an essay so to speak. When we say list, it just means that we ought to enumerate. A short essay in my opinion should be about 500-700 words and in this case, I am quite unsure if you are being asked to write about both (material and divine) or if you have to choose only one. Since you have already listed reasons for the material, I am supposing that you are to choose from either. But I think for a sense of balance, it would be great to see both reasons listed and then taken up in the paper. Basically, what you are being asked to do is this - discuss why people choose to see the extraterrestrial objects mentioned as only material objects and why some others see them as divine personalities. This is good because it contrasts the differing positions. I think it should follow this outline:

1. Introduction - what the paper is about, 100 words.
2. Material objects - list reasons why people see them as material objects and then discuss it further in terms of relevance, about 300 words.
3. Divine personalities - list reasons then explore the relevance further, about 300 words.
4. Conclusion - tie it altogether with some thoughts, about 50 words.
5. References - list if you have used some.

I have put together a sample that follows this outline below. It should get you started in your own paper. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones


The heavens have always fascinated us. The daystar - our sun, lightens up the days throughout the seasons, allowing for life to happen on earth. Through the sun, the clouds are formed, rains fall from the sky, our earth rotates and revolves around it to give us our seasons. The sun's pull is such that we remain in our position in the solar system, close enough to maintain life, yet far enough not to get burned by its fiery power. Our moon governs the night, revolving around our earth, causing the tides. The darkness of the night makes a moonrise and its presence in the sky far more glorious and we are fascinated by the varied shapes of the moon as can be discerned by our eyes. The stars are like jewels in the sky, glittering and twinkling from ...

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The solution provides information and assistance to hep the original student in putting together a short essay on the topic divine personalities vs. material objects as inspired (in preferences) by nature, material objects or divine personalities. The solution suggests an outline and provides a narrative that follows this outline to exemplify. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version of the solution is also atrached.