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Force of Repulsion, Energy Stores, Etc.

Please help with the following problem.

A copper atom contains 29 electrons, one of which is a conduction electron. Copper has an atomic weight of 64 and a density of 8.9 x 10^3 kilograms/meter^3. Suppose that you have two copper spheres, each one having a volume of 1 centimeter^3. The spheres are depleted of their conduction electrons and separated by a distance of 100 millimeters.

a. Calculate the force of repulsion. Show that this force is equal to about 0.5% of the force of attraction between the sun and earth.

b. Calculate the energy stored in one sphere. That is the energy required to remove the conduction electrons.

c. How much would this energy cost, at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour?

d. To obtain this energy, you build a large nuclear reactor that can supply one gigawatt of electric power. How many years will it take to generate that energy?

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