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    Line with 2 Charges: Electric potential and electric field

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    Q7: A Line with 2 Charges
    Two equal and opposite charges are located on the x-axis. Which of the following statements are true about the electric potential and the electric field in the region surrounding the two point charges (at points A,B,C,D)?

    1. T/F At point A, the electric field is zero.
    2. T/F At point C, the electric field is zero.
    3. T/F The electric potential is greatest at point D.
    4. T/F The electric potential is zero at all points on the circle (ABCD).
    5. T/F The electric potential is smallest at point D.

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    1. Electric field intensity at any point in an electrostatic field is defined as the force experienced by a unit positive charge placed at that point. A unit positive charge placed at point A will experience a repulsive force due to q2 in - x direction and an attractive force due to q1 also in -x direction. Hence, net force on it i.e. the electric field intensity at A is not ...

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    Electric potential and electric fields for the line with two charges are determined.