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    Man on ice sheet: Can he reach solid land by throwing the rock; how long will it take?

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    A man of 60 kg mass is stuck on a sheet of ice 10m from solid land. The coefficient of friction between the man and ice is 0.03. He has a 5 kg rock which he can throw with a speed of 12 m/s.

    a) Can he reach solid land by throwing the rock?
    b) If so, how long will it take him?

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    a.) The man throws rock of mass 5 Kg with speed 12 m/sec, by law of conservation of momentum, the man will get some initial velocity.
    m1*v1 = m2*v2
    =>60*v1 = 5*12
    => v1 = 1 m/sec
    Now, let the man stops after travelling a distance s.
    work done ...

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    The expert determines if a man can reach solid land by throwing the rock. How long it will take hime is determined.