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    Conservation of Angular Momentum: Suspended Rod

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    The 6lb slender rod AB is originally shown at rest, suspended in the vertical position. A 1lb ball is thrown at the rod with the velocity v= 50ft/s and strikes the rod at C. Determine the angular velocity of the rod just after the impact. Take e = 0.7 and d= 2ft. (See attachment for diagram)

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    mass of the rod M = 6 lb
    mass of the ball m = 1 lb
    length of the rod L = 3 ft
    distance AC d = 2 ft
    Initial velocity of the ball u = 50 ft/s
    coeff. of restitution e = 0.7
    Let us assume ...

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    This solution includes four steps of calculations using Newton's experimental law and the law of conservation of angular momentum.