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Physics: Potential Energy and Energy Conservation

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A 2.00 kg block is pushed against a spring with negligible mass and force constant k = 400 N/m, compressing it 0.220 m. When the block is released, it moves along a frictionless, horizontal surface and then up a frictionless incline with slope 37 degrees.

a) What is the speed of the block as it slides along the horizontal surface after having left the spring?

b) How far does the block travel up the incline before starting to slide back down?

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The solution calculates the potential energy and energy conservation.

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a) For part a we must first find the potential energy of the spring. Potential energy of a spring is equal to 1/2*k*x^2. This means in your problem that the potential energy is 9.68. At the time the block leaves the spring that is equal to the kinetic energy of ...

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