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Charged Spheres and Charges on a Line

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1) The figure shows 3 pairs of identical spheres that are to be touched together and then separated. The initial charges on them are indicated. Rank the pairs according to

(a) the magnitude of the charge transferred during touching and
(b) the charge left on the positively charged sphere, greatest first.

The picture shows for this problem 3 pairs of identical spheres. The first pair has charges +6e and -4e. Pair 2 has charges 0 and +2e, the third pair has charges -12e and +14e.

2) The figure show a horizontal straight line with a dot on the line at one end and a dot on the line at the other. dot 1 - a -3q charge and dot 2 = a -q charge.
The charges are free to move, however, a third charged particle can be placed at a certain point such that all three particles are then in eqillibrium. (a) Is that point to the left of the first two particles, to their right, or in between? (b) Should the third particle be positively or negatively charged? (c) Is the equllibrium stable or unstable?

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The solution provides mostly worded explanations for the behaviour of charged spheres and charges on a line in accordance with the conservation of energy and equilibria in a clear, concise manner.

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This problem is based on the law of conservation of energy.

When a +6e charge sphere and -4e charge sphere are connected, +5e charge is delivered from the positive sphere and placed in the negative sphere so that both ...

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