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2 Small, Charged Spheres at Equilbrium

Two identical small charged spheres, each having a mass of 3X10^-2kg, hang at equilbrium. The length of the string is .2m, the angle between each string and the perpendicular is 10 degress. A=.034M

A) What is the tension in the string
B) Electric force felt by each sphere
C) Charge of each sphere
D) If the spheres were negatively charged, how many more electrons than protons does each have?


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Because, angle of the string with the vertical (Q) = 10 degree
here, read Q as theta.
In Equilibrium:
In horizontal direction:
Fe = T*sin(Q)
(where T is the tension in the string and Fe is the electric force between two charges)
Fe = ...

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The solution analyzes two small charged spheres to hang at equilibrium. The tension, force and charge of each sphere is computed. With good explanations and calculations, the problems are solved.