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Conducting spheres, electric potential, charge density

Please show all work and show all equations used and diagrams.

1) Two conducting spheres are far apart. The smaller sphere carries a total charge of 6*10^-8C. The larger sphere has a radius that is twice that of the saler and is neutral. After the two spheres are conected by a conducting wire, the charges on the smaller and larger spheres, respectively are:

2) A conducting sphere with radius R is charged until the magnitude of the electric field just outside its surface is E. The electic potential of the sphere, relative to the potential far away is:
(show why please)
a) 0
b) E/R
e) ER^2

3) A 5cm radius conducting sphere has a charge density of 2*10^-6C/m^2 on its surface. Its electric potetial relative to the potential far away is:

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The potentials on the conductors should be equal when they are conducted by a wire. We also know that the sum of the total charge on these two conductors ...

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