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    Bullet Collision

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    A 12.0-g rifle bullet is fired with a speed of 380 m/s into a ballistic pendulum with with mass 6.00 kg, suspended from a cord 70.0 cm long. Compute the vertical height through which the pendulum rises. Compute the initial kinetic energy of the bullet. Compute the kinetic energy of the bullet and pendulum immediately after the bullet becomes embedded in the pendulum.

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    mass of bullet m = 12.0 gm = 12*10^(-3) kg
    speed of bullet u = 380 m/s
    mass of pendulum M = 6.0 kg
    length of the cord l = 70.0 m

    Intial K.E. of bullet = (1/2)*m*u^2 ...

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    This solution provides three answers with four steps of calculations. The law of conservation of momentum is used.