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    In an electrically heated home, the temperature of the ground in contact with a concrete basement wall is 12.0C. The temperature at the inside surface of the wall is 22.0C. The wall is 0.10m thick and has an area of 10.0m^2. Assume the one kilowatt*hour of electrical energy costs $0.10. How many hours are required for one dollar's worth of energy to be conducted through the wall?

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    The heat conducted for a time t is given by,

    Q= (k*A*delta T)t/L
    Q=the heat conducted

    t=time = 1 hour = 3600s (if used for one hour)

    L=length of bar = 0.1m is the thickness of the concrete

    A=cross-sectional area = 10 m^2

    delta T=temperature difference between the ends of the bar
    = 22-12 = 10C

    k=the ...

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