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    Electricity, magnetism and waves

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    3.) A head is (approximately) a conducting sphere of radius 10 cm. What is the capacitance of the head? What will be the charge on the head if, by means of a Van De Graaf generator, you raise the potential on the head to 100,000 V?

    What voltage would be required to cause electrostatic break down in air, |E⃗ | = 3 × 10^6 volts/m? Now assume that we place a sharp object with radius of curvature r = 0.1 mm in electrical contact with your head to that it forms a series circuit with your head. What are the answers to the questions above now?

    6.) You have a parallel plate capacitor of area A, gap d and two dielectric materials of constants κ1 and κ2. You only have enough of each material to fill 1/2 of the capacitor volume. Which arrangement maximizes the capacitance? Why?

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