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Explanation of Biot-Savart field

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I need to get the Biot-Savart equation from taking the curl of a general field. The question is in the attached document.

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The solution shows how to go from the expression for the magnetic potential to the well known Biot-Savart law for magnetic fields. It is enclosed in a 4 page attached document.

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Please see the attached file for the complete solution.
Hello and thank you for posting your question to Brainmass.

The vector (please see the attached file) is given by:
(please see the attached file)

And we have:
(please see the attached file)

So, for example, taking the derivative with respect to x yields:
(please see the attached file)

By the same token:
(please see the attached file)

The magnetic potential is given by:
(please see the attached file)

Where ...

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