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Magnetic field due to rotating disk and cylinder.

1. A disc of Radius a lies on x-y plane with the z axis through its center. Surface Charge of uniform density P (row ) lies on the disk, which rotates about the Z axis at an angular velocity (ohm sign) rad/s. Find H (magnetic field intensity) at any point on the Z axis. Use BIOT-SAVART LAW.

2. A solid cylinder of radius a and length L, where L>>a, contains volume charge of uniform density p0 (row 0) C/M^3. The cylinder rotates about its axis (the Z axis) at angular velocity (ohm sign) rads/s (a) Determine the current density J as a function of position within the rotating cylinder. (b) Determine H on-axis by applying the results of previous problem. (c) Determine the magnetic field intensity H inside and outside (d) Check your result of part C by taking curl of H.

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Two problems with the rotating disk and cylinder having volume charge distribution. The magnetic field is calculated as a function of the distance from the axis of cylinder and on the axis of the disk.