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    Problem Involving Force Between Current Elements

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    Coordinates below are in meters. I believe w = weber.

    Calculate the force on each of two current elements, both 1cm long and carrying 10A, if one is at the origin and directed along the x-axis while the other is at x=0.1,y=0.1,z=0.1, in the y-direction. (Answer is 0.192x10^-7 N in the -y and +x directions.)

    Find dB, due to the current element at the origin, at x=0.1, y=0.1, z=0.1, in the y-direction. (Answer is 2.7x10^-7 w/m^2 at 45 degrees with the -y and +z directions.)

    Find B at x=0.1, y=0.1,z=0.1, in the y-direction, if there is a current of 10A along the x-axis. (Answer is 1.41x10^-5 w/m^2 at 45 degrees with the -y and +z directions.)

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    All units used in this problem set are MKSA units.

    1. To find the force on the current elements, we first use the Biot-Savart law to compute the magnetic field at the ...

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    We used the Biot-Savart law to compute the force acting between two given current elements.