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Bulk Modulus Pressures

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Consider a fluid that is under some pressure p, i.e. on every volume element V there is a force acting perpendicular to its surface such that its strength per m2 is the pressure p. A small pressure increase Δp will lead to a small compression ΔV, if the material is linear then these two are related by
Δp = -B(ΔV/V)
where B is a material property called the bulk modulus.

a: Whys is there a minus sign?
b: Find the bulk modulus for water (book or BINAS) and compute the change ΔV for c: Why must B be large for a material that is easy to compress?
d: Find the most and the least compressible liquids in your data tables.

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a: Whys is there a minus sign?
The minus sign indicates that if the pressure is more, the volume becomes less (because of higher compression), i.e., dp/dV is negative.

b: Find the bulk modulus for water (book ...

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The bulk modulus pressure is determined for material property. The minus sign of a function is determined.