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    Elasticity of liquids

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    A moonshiner produces pure ethanol (ethyl alcohol) late at night and stores it in a stainless steel tank in the form of a cylinder 0.320m in diameter with a tight-fitting piston at the top. The total volume of the tank is 260L. In an attempt to squeeze a little more into the tank, the moonshiner piles lead breaks of total mass 1400kg on top of the piston.

    What additional volume (in Litres) of ethanol can the moonshiner squeeze into the tank? (Assume that the wall of the tank is perfectly rigid.)

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    Bulk modulus of elasticity of a fluid is defined as : E = - dP/(dV/V) ......(1)
    where Normal Stress = dP = W/A,
    V = Original volume, dV = Change in ...

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