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    Speed of sound, Bulk modulus of a gas

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    1) The bulk modulus of a gas varies with pressure. In the case of the air, the bulk modulus of air is equal to 1.40 times its pressure. the atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1.01 * 105 N/m2. The density of air at sea level is 1.20 kg/m3. For these conditions, what is the speed of sound as it passes through the air?

    a.328 m/s
    b. 343 m/s
    c. 1.70 km/hr
    d. 5280 ft/s

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    Answer: b. 343 m/s
    speed of sound = square root of (B/rho) = square ...

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    The solution calculates the speed of sound as it passes through the air.