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    Solve: Alpha Particles Emitted

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    Please see the attached file. Provide step by step calculations for the problem.

    How many alpha particles are emitted per minute by 1cm^3 of 222^Rn monoatomic gas at a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 100 kPa? Make use of PV - NkT where P = pressure of the gas, V = volume of the gas, N = number of atoms in the gas, T = temperature of the gas in kelvin, and k = Boltzman's constant = 1.38 x 10^-23 J K^-1. The half-life of 222^Rn is 3.8235 days.

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    Please see the attached file for the complete, step by step calculations.

    First, convert everything to SI units and use the transposed Ideal Gas Equation to work out the number of ...

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    Using the step by step methodology, the Ideal Gas Law formula and explanations, this solution discusses how to determine the amount of alpha particles emitted per minute by 222Rn monoatomic gas. The complete solution is enclosed within an attached Word document. Unit conversions are required for this solution and are described within the response.