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    Acceleration up a Slope

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    A horizontal force F is applied to a mass m which is equal to the mass weight. If the dynamic coefficient of friction between mass and slope is µ, show that the acceleration a up a slope 30 degrees is given by:

    a = g(0.366 1.366µ)

    Show and describe workings.

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    Let us assume mass = m
    Therefore weight W = m*g (vertical downward)

    Hence, horizontal force F = W = m*g (given in the problem)

    Angle of the inclined plane with horizontal (theta) = 30 degree (given)

    Friction force f = mu * N
    where N = normal reaction to the inclined surface

    As mass can not move perpendicular to the plain of incline, hence forces can be resolved along the plain & perpendicular the ...

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