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Acceleration and forces on a skier and blocks

1. The initial velocity of a 1.68 kg block sliding down a frictionless inclined plane is found to be 1.34 m/s. Then 1.33 s later, it has a velocity of 6.45 m/s.
What is the angle of the plane with respect to the horizontal?

2. A skier is pulled up a slope at a constant velocity by a tow bar. The slope is inclined at 23.6° with respect to the horizontal. The force applied to the skier by the tow bar is parallel to the slope. The skier's mass is 64.4 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the skis and the snow is 0.145. Calculate the magnitude of the force that the tow bar exerts on the skier.

3. Two blocks of mass m = 11.0 kg each are fastened to the ceiling of an elevator
Find the tension in the top rope.

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