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    Plato's justice

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    According to Plato:

    a. What is justice in the person/soul

    b. Why should reason rule the soul

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    For Plato, justice in the person/ soul is identical to justice in the state.
    <br>"Then it applies to justice: we shall conclude that a man is just in the same way that a state was just." (Chap. XIV (iv 441 c-445 B)
    <br>How did Socrates explain justice in the state? The response to this question will hold the answer to what justice is in the person/ soul.
    <br>* Re-read Chapter XIV (iv. 441 c-445 B) entitled The Virtues in the Individual. This section will help to clarify Plato's argument.
    <br>* Justice in the state: each of the three parts of the state (Auxiliaries/ Guardians, Artisans, and Rulers) doing what they are meant to do. Hence, the same goes for the soul.
    <br>* What are the three parts of the soul? How do they parallel the parts of the state?
    <br>1) The rulers of the state will be represented in the soul through ...

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    Plato's sense of justice is demonstrated.