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    Plato and aristole

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    A. what are the forms and what problem was plato trying to address with his theiry of the forms?
    b. How does Plato see experience of particular objects as related to knowledge?
    c. How is aritotle's theory of the forms different from plato's
    d. What is one weakness of Plato's theory that aritstole was trying to overcome?

    Note: you are trying to make a comparison between plato and aristole. Explain how aristole's theory not only differs from plato but is meant to deal with what he sees as inadequatecies in it.

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    Plato developed his theory of forms because he noticed that the world around him was one of constant change. Think, for instance, of how nothing is exactly the same from one moment to the next...tiny physical changes occur all the time. Also, the world around us is one in which no two things are exactly alike. Think of all the circles you've seen in your life...they are all circles, but none of them is exactly a perfect circle (if you looked closely enough, say with an electron microscope, you would see that the best circles we could draw are not really perfect circles). So Plato noticed all of this and he tried to explain it. The theory of forms is his response.
    <br>Plato figured that if the reality around us is always changing and everything is imperfect, there must be a place, or ...