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    Evidence-Based Practice and Strategic Thinking

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    Hello I need to write a paper and need some information before I can start. My paper needs to be 10 pages so I need to get started with some general info soon. Thank you for your help. My paper will be on EBP evidence based practice. Please provide references so I can do additional research.

    What does critical thinking have to do with science? Describe EBP (evidence based practice) and how does EBP view the person in an environment perspective? Discuss the background of the PIE classification/perspective and the individual/environment dichotomy. (Is it either intrinsic/or extrinsic, or both that impact an individual?)
    Consider the differences between PIE, as a lens through which to view an individual, and the use of the PIE classification system. What are the advantages of viewing people from this lens?
    Using critical thinking, describe the value, merits or strengths of this classification system, as well as any drawbacks or negatives you may notice.

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    Critical thinking has a great deal to do with science, due to the fact that it is necessary to be able to effectively analyze the information that a researcher gathers, in order to ascertain what pertinent information is contained within a given data set. Once a researcher ascertains what pertinent information is contained in the data set, then the individual has the basis by which to conduct more detailed scientific research about a given topic. Critical thinking and the ability to analyze and ascertain facts from hyperbole and or misinformation is essential to the practice of any scientific research and or scientific endeavor. Only with good critical thinking, can a researcher or other individual make the best use of the data that they have compiled in a method that will further the advances that are made within their area of expertise and or research.

    In reference to the background of the PIE classification/perspective and the ...