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    Moral, Social & Political Philosophy

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    Write a 1,000- to 1,400-word paper in which you compare and contrast elements from the fields of moral, social, and political philosophy. Answer the following questions in the paper:

    o What do these fields have in common, if anything? How are they different?
    o How do you believe the questions they pose figure into a consideration of modern life?
    o Is any one area more important than another?

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    First of all, a concept I found very helpful in understanding most philosophical concepts is to focus on the words used to describe them. Most of this stuff is worded very specifically in order to highlight specific issues, perspectives and understanding. I would go so far as to say that philosophy as a whole is the study of words and their meanings. Many of the debates that philosophers have refer to abstract ideas and concepts that aren't always rooted in reality. Moreover, the words they use to describe these concepts usually do not have fixed definitions, and much of what philosophers do is create arguments for how the words should be defined.

    Don't be intimidated though! The looseness of definitions is an advantage for you. What I mean is, you are expected to interpret the meaning of the words that are put before you. As long as you can effectively describe your interpretation of the words and their meaning, no one can say with complete certainty that you're wrong. In essence, two philosophers who don't agree on the definition of infinity could potentially argue the point until the end of time, and until one of them accepts the other ones definition (or they come up with a new one together), the debate will never be resolved. All word definitions, even the ones in a dictionary, are based on the collective understanding by a group of people as to what the words mean. Most words mean what they mean because everyone knows what they mean. Not every definition can be argued, and most of the time arguing the definitions is frustrating and pointless. ...

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    The solution is a narrative discussing comparative similarities and differences between moral, social and political philosophy.