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    The Gods of Moses and Abraham and Aristotle

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    Compare and Contrast the God of Moses and Abraham with the God of Aristotle.

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    Aristotle talks of the Unmoved Mover and this could be understood as God. But to understand what he means by that notion, one needs to understand his other concepts of substance or the essence of things, form and matter, actuality and potentiality.

    For Aristotle, we know a thing by its attributes or qualities. But the mind separates those qualities from the thing's essential nature. For instance, a tall man is understood first as a man before the quality of tallness. What makes a substance a substance is its form and not its matter. Aristotle said that in nature we never find form without matter or matter without ...

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    Whether Aristotle's notion of the Unmoved Mover similar or different from the God of Abraham is the issue discussed in this post.