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Object Relations Theory

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Object Relations Theory, I need the Assumptions, Reliability, Validity, and the Application for this theory and references

None of the categories fit this theory

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This solution discusses the Object Relations Theory

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*Object Relations theory is a theory; it is not a testable hypothesis so you cannot determine its validity by testing whether it is true or false. In research the Object Relations theory is applied to investigations of some aspect of personality (e.g. inter-personal relationships, social interaction, and attachment, personal).
In the post that I sent you, Objects Relations was applied in a study that focused primarily in the "internal representations" of the structured or organized personality developed by Kernberg (1984). Eureling, -Bontekoe, Luyten & Snellen (2009) utilized a coding system (Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale (SCORS, Weston. 1984) to validate a short-form of the Multiphasic Minnesota Personality Inventory (MMPI, Hathaway & McKinley, 1940) the Dutch Short form of the MMPI (DSFM). the object relation theory. It was anticipated that a validation based on a factor analysis of the items on the MMPI as a reliably established inventory that would produce similarities in underlying dimensions of Object relations.

• The Assumption
The assumption was that three dimensions of personality could be understood through the interdependent of personality (e.g. symptoms, motives, behavior and cognition behavior [internal representations] could be used to better understand pathology and comorbidity (assuming personality had a structural organization. This is what thr study was investigating

• The Coding measure
The researchers utilized SCORS, Weston, 1995 as cited in Eurelings et al, 2010) as an instrument of assessment. The SCORS is ...

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