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Psychoanalysis and article summary

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Help with a journal article summary is given.

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Please allow some of my notes to guide your summary:

You might mention how Hall's article thoroughly overviews and explains relational theories and how they derived from Freud's "drive/structure model." The article reinforces how theories are interrelated and highly influential upon each other. Hall specifically cites Fairbairn's object theory and Bowlby's attachment theory by articulating how they are "off shoots" or results of psychoanalysis. Thus, you might mention that the article offers a historical overview about how these two traditions emerged and continue to influence the psychology of religion and spirituality.

The article outlines the historical background surrounding the development of Object Relations Theory. It was perplexing to learn about different factions and camps within the field. Although this historical context is necessary, it is a bit overwhelming.

In turn, the parts about how a shift from the drive/structure model to the relational/structure model are more applicable for me personally. You night note how this article shows how psychoanalytic applications for understanding religion and spirituality within therapeutic ...

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Pay attention to the literature review. Notice how the sources are integrated to provide adequate support for statements, and that paragraphs contain more than just one source of information. That is true integration of material and demonstrates critical thinking of previous research. Notice the use of transitional sentences even with the use of headings to organize the paper. What are your thoughts as you read the article?

Most importantly, write about what you learned from the content of the article. It has been my experience at U of P that psychodynamic theory is not discussed in such a way that gives it credibility. What did you learn that was different from what you thought before about psychodynamic theory and therapy? How about therapy in general?

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