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    Confucius Letter to Student: Governance

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    Write an informative letter in the persona of one Eastern philosopher to one of his pupils. In the letter, describe your chosen philosopher's viewpoints concerning one of his philosophies. If needed, cite secondary sources according to APA guidelines to help you.

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    The teachings of Confucius on the value of Life & the Ethics of governance with regards to preservation of Nature

    About Confucius

    Confucius or Kung Fu Zi was born in the Fall of 551 BC; a Chinese Social Philosopher & Thinker whose teachings & ideas greatly influenced, Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Vietnamese way of life & thought enduring from his period of living to this day & age. His philosophies focused on justice & sincerity, social relationships influenced by a certain morality that starts from the halls of the emperor to every far flung village. Doctrines like Legalism (the correctness & morality of governance) & Taoism forwarded his teachings all over the Chinese Empire during the Han Dynasty subsequently collected as a system of thinking/philosophy referred to as Confucianism. Master Kung, as he is referred to travelled far & wide across the Empire to teach, study, observe & relate his social philosophies. The bulk of his work, actually, fragments of his teachings as recollected by those who followed him was put together as his "Analects" years after his death. The Five Classics of Chinese Philosophical writings are attributed to him though some historians argue that the lack of evidence points out to his mere editorship or reiteration of values & beliefs by his own teachers & ancestors.

    The letter below is written so as to 'emanate' a sense of the lyrical & rhetoric style that Confucius' work on the "Analects" take the form of. Confucius when teaching his beliefs used the vivid & the imaginative while reaching for a sense of simplicity & ...

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    The solution is a 'first person take' where the author takes on the 'persona' of the ancient Chinese Philosopher Confucius writing a letter to his student on the subject of governance. Here, 'Confucius' talks about Ethics, social responsibilities, contentment & the desired character of those who ought to govern. The solution is based on Confucius' philosophical work the 'Analects' and takes on his rhetoric & 'teaching style' by expanding Confucian qoutes & proverbs into actual discussions of said subject matter. Letter is presented APA style & referenced for expansion.