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    The Rise of Confucianism

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    What historical circumstances were associated with the rise of Confucianism?

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    The development of Confucianism passed through several distinguishable phases. These are characterized by the reaction to independent sociopolitical circumstances. Confucianism emerged in the mid-1st millennium BCE as one of several responses to the collapse of the old Chinese aristocratic society. Other schools of thought saw the solution in a return to nature (Daoism) or in the creation of new institutions, new forms of organization, and new social techniques (Legalism). By contrast, Confucius, a self-employed educator in China, focused on morality and its bearer ( the morally cultivated individual).

    Confucianism rose as the main state ideology during the time of Emperor Wudi in the Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.-8A.D.).
    In 140BC, Confucian scholar Dong Zhongshu convinced the emperor to establish Taixue (an academy) ...

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