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    The Turing Test

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    Present three specific questions that you would ask in the Turing Test to determine if something is real or artificial intelligence. Explain why you think these questions would be the type to reveal the computer to be a computer? Why would these responses have to be given by a human being? (If you don't think there are such questions, explain how the three questions you chose would fail to determine which one of the respondents was a computer and which was an actual human).

    Support your claims with examples from this week's required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.

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    A Turing test is not a test per se but an application of the theory of human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence. Can you tell whether the answers are from a computer or a machine? What makes human intelligence different from the way computers calculate? Bell, Witten & Fellows (1998) interviewed and tested for reason and intelligence in machines by comparing responses to that of children. Essentially their research was an application of the Turing principle - that certain machines can learn how to answer in a 'human manner' so that if a person cannot tell which response are that from a computer and which ones are from a human being, the machine passes the test. Now, if I was to ask 3 questions, they would be the following:

    1. This first question is going to be related to the weather. I will ask a question contrary to the actual weather experienced the night before. The human being will more than likely contradict my claim as with regards to the weather - or question it, while the machine will exhibit a series of ...

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    The solution describes three specific questions to ask the Turing Test to determine if something is real or artificial intelligence.