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Turing Machine: Sequences with equal number of 1s and 0s

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Give the transition list for a turing machine that will determine whether for an input sequence w over symbol set {0,1}, n0(w) = n1(w).

n0(w) and n1(w) respectively indicate the count of 0s and 1s in the word 'w'.

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Notations used for denoting a turing machine transition are as follows.

(StartState, SymbolRead) --> (EndState, SymbolWritten, MovementDirection)

* Movement Directions are denoted by R (right) and L (left).
* E is used to denote NULL symbol (or absense of symbol in a tape cell).
* $ denotes a ...

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Given turing machine also accepts empty word, because in that case "n0(w) = n1(w) = 0".

Apart from the list of transitions for the turing machine, solution also provides stepwise guidance on how to construct a graphical representation for the same.