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Respect and Fairness Discussion

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What is respect and fairness exactly? Is this a criterion in one of the ethical theories (Utilitarian, Deontology, Virtue, and Ethics)? Why?

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Respect and fairness discussions are provided. The criterion in one of the ethical theories is discussed.

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What is respect and fairness exactly? Is this a criteria in one of the ethical theories (Utilitarian, Deontology, Virtue Ethics)? Why?

Respect comes in many shapes and sizes. The most fundamental concept is that a person or institution has earned authority in a specific area. Authority is not power, but the moral foundation of power. We value things that have importance or profundity regardless of anything else.

We can respect someone due to objective value: a doctor might be hard working, and in the process of self-exhaustion, he or she saves lives, eases pain and gives hope. Respect can derive from fear. One respects someone or something that has the ability to harm you. We respect it by taking whatever it is into consideration when we act. It might be the elements, position of power or general nastiness. We respect non-human things in this way, but also things like policies and laws, that we respect because either a) they exist and are not objectively harmful or b) we accept them as just and correct (Hudson, 1980).

Respect is essential to ethics. Most hold that Kant is the first one to make respect the center of ethics, but that is probably exaggerated. Kant's deontological approach was to hold that since each human being has ...

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